Nudging Forever CD

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Nudging Forever CD


Nudging Forever is an eight-movement piece that features a jazz trio, flugelhorn and string orchestra. It melds together the richness of a string orchestra and the spontaneity of a jazz quartet. Released 2015.

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“…a remarkably fresh sonic exploration of time through music…”  Jeremy Begbie (Duke University) 

“Mike's exquisite compositions awaken both emotion and imagination…”  Mark Buchanan (Best-selling Author)

Canadian pianist Mike Janzen is joined on the album by bassist George Koller (Holly Cole, Shuffle Demons), drummer Larnell Lewis (Snarky Puppy), trumpet wiz Kevin Turcotte and a 19 piece string orchestra (with members of TSO).  Nudging Forever is a composition on the theme of time that explores themes of kairos and chronos following the Benedicton hours of prayer.  Unique, moving and powerful this piece wonderfully melds the beauty of the classical world with the spontaneity of jazz improvisation.  

In a world where time is at a premium there is often the sinking sensation that time is slipping through our fingers. Whether we’re “running behind” or working “against the clock” there simply doesn’t seem to be enough hours in our days. In contrast to our English language, the ancient Greeks used two different words – chronos & kairos – to distinguish between two different types.  Chronos is measured time, quite literally the god of clock and calendar. Paintings depict the god Chronos as devouring its own offspring and consuming the beauty around him. Kairos points to the quality of time and is seen as purpose filled, present, and rich with gift. The image that comes to my mind is of an hourglass where the grains of sand reverse to overspill, bursting through the top of the glass rather than leaking out the bottom.

In the 12th and 13th centuries, Benedictine monasteries used the mechanical clock to bring precision to prayer times and devotion. Little did they realize that the technology meant to mark the kairos moments of the day would come to represent the tyranny of our own chronos hurriedness. The Benedictine Rite includes eight times of prayer during the day and Nudging Forever loosely follows these markings in the eight movements of the composition.